So You Want to Play Netball........ 2021

Howick Pakuranga Netball Centre is situated at 451 Pakuranga Highway and is one of the many sports clubs at Lloyd Elsmore Park. HPNC organises and runs netball for the community. We are affiliated to Netball Northern Zone (home of the Mystics and Northern Stars) and Netball New Zealand (go the Silver Ferns). HPNC has 20 affiliated clubs who range in size from 1 to 26 teams. Howick Pakuranga Netball Centre offers netball programmes for all ages and abilities. Junior netball is played in the year group you are at school; the Saturday competition begins when players are in Year 5. Girls at Secondary School can play in the College grades at HPNC or for the older more confident players they may play in the Senior grades on Saturdays during the winter season.

Mother Earth Future Ferns Junior Netball Programme

NNZ has restructured junior netball to grow with the players using a modified court size, pole height and ball size.  The session consists of skill training in a fun learning environment followed by a modified game to ensure that all players ( girls and boys) get to participate. All balls, bibs and equipment will be provided by HPNC weekly and handed back at the end of the session. All coaches are encouraged to umpire/coach the game. There is no whistle. Coaches can move on the court alongside the players, coaching and supporting both teams. Leniency will be applied to all umpiring rules. This will be covered at the junior netball workshop. See the Future Ferns tab for more details

Year 1 and 2 (4 a Side)

The focus for this age group is on exploring netballl and the development of fundamental movement and ball the season wil include skill development followed by a game of 4 V 4.

These players will only use 1/3 of a court from sideline to sideline. The netball pole height is 2.1m or hand held hoops at each sideline. The players can wear bibs turned inside out with no positions. Teams are allowed to use rolling substitutions to ensure equal playing time. Players can be swapped at any time during the game. Anyone can shoot. After a goal is scored, the non scoring team will start back at the middle. These players will use modified rules allowing more leniency. Games are 2 x 12 minute halves changing ends at half time. See the Future Ferns tab for more details

Year 3 & 4 (5 a Side)

The focus for this age group is on learning the basics with players joining in a skill development season prior to a modified game of 5 V 5. It si designed to be fast and fun, maximising participation and touches fo the ball.

These teams will play 2/3 of the court using modified poles of 2.6m at each end. The playing positions are 2 x D’s (Defence – allowed in their own goal circle and up to half way) 1 x C (Centre - allowed in both thirds but not in the shooting circles) 2 x A’s (Attacks – allowed in their own goal circle and up to halfway). Teams are allowed rolling substitutions to ensure equal playing time. Once a goal is scored, the non scoring team will start back at the middle. These players will use modified rules allowing more leniency. Games are 4 x 8 minute quarters changing ends at half time. See the Future Ferns tab for more details

Year 5 - 8

Saturday mornings, May – August (trials and practices are held from early Term 1). Club based players join a club at the beginning of the year. Clubs advertise in the local paper and on our web-site Click here as to when they are having trials to make up their teams. Ask around – your friends, relations or neighbours may belong to a club already and can point you in the right direction. Once the club has selected their teams practices are generally held once a week until the season ends (August).

College and Intermediate

We have two competitions for college and Intermediate age players.

Saturday competition – club based ie players join a club. Teams are graded as to their ability and will play against similar ability teams. Games are played Saturday afternoons May – August. 

Wednesday 4.30pm -6.20pm – Local colleges and intermediate schools enter teams into this competition. The competition is growing and offers an alternative to play during the week rather than Saturday mornings.  


Played on Saturday afternoons we have grades for Premier to Senior C to cater for all ages and levels of play for ladies (and men’s grades in 2013).  Players will need to join a club.

Walking Netball

New in 2020 - This craze started in England and is now played in many nations.  Most of the rules of netball still apply except a few variations, most importantly one foot must be grounded at all times.  This enables everyone to get back into the game or start at any age.  Balls, bibs, and umpires supplied and we can even help you into a team or you can create your own.

Games are played on Thursday evenings and Wednesday morning.


All teams need coaches to bring together a group of players. It is a great way to be involved with your children and their friends or with a group of players. We offer sessions on how you can develop as a coach or up skill yourself if you already have an understanding of netball.


The Centre offers classes for parents, players and interested people who want to learn to umpire or simply learn the rules.

Representative Teams

Clubs will nominate and/or players can be selected to trial from year 9 upwards. Teams play in a variety of tournaments May – July. Senior players can trial for the Netball Counties Manukau Cluster team to play at NNZ Championships in early October.

Other programmes

HPNC offers further programmes to encourage a love of netball. These include specialist coaching sessions for players wishing to learn more, school holiday programmes, talent camp for potentially talented players, our Academy for representative and talent identified players.

Please refer to our web site for information about our Centre (coaching, umpiring included) and affiliated Clubs Click here